WoW Classic is on track to have the most watched week in 2019

mmovia | 05 September, 2019 00:58

The rebirth of Blizzard’s MMORPG has brought old and new players alike out of the woodwork to experience one of the best games of all time as it was on release. However, not many people expected it to be this popular. In its opening week, World of Warcraft Classic has been exposed to long queue times, server crashes, queues at mob spawn locations, and insane viewership numbers. The hype generated has made the release of the game one of the most successful launches of all time.

According to Dot Esports, Twitch statistics captured on site Sullygnome have shown that, in the seven day period since WoW Classic’s launch last week, viewing hours for WoW hit the 55 million hours mark. Or, you could read that as about 6,274 years. That is a lot of WoW watching. At the time of writing, the numbers have now changed to just under the 48 million hours mark over the past seven days, with the first day’s numbers now just outside the week-long capture period. When starting to play World of Warcraft Classic game, WOW Classic Gold is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in World of Warcraft Classic game.

As one might expect, Classic’s strongest day of viewership came right after launch. Monday night the game peaked at more than 1M concurrent viewers on Twitch, but on Tuesday, WoW as a whole recorded 11.7M hours watched, as numerous high-profile streamers played marathoned the game during 24+ hour long streams in an attempt to clear as much of the game’s content as they could before needing to sleep.

Zack “Asmongold” (last name unknown) led the way with a 24-hour stream that generated 3M hours watched, followed by Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, who racked up 1.9M hours watched for a 29-hour stream. Following launch day, viewership decreased overall as streamers took breaks from the game to sleep and take care of their bodies. As the days wore on, the game began to see fewer hours of airtime that coincided with a decline in viewership, but the game managed to eclipse 5M hours watched every day.


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